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Equity & AI CAIS Symposium 2021

When: April 15, 2021 @ 10:00am - April 16, 2021 @ - 10:00am
Audiences: All are welcome to attend.
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Please join us for the interdisciplinary USC CAIS Symposium on Equity & AI taking place April 15th and 16th!! We have an amazing line-up of speakers!

Check out the schedule on our website and register now: Symposium on Equity & AI – Registration (

AI systems are becoming more commonly deployed in social sectors, and they have the potential to improve human decision making and thereby contribute immensely to social welfare. Rightfully so, however, there has been increased concern about issues of fairness and equity in AI, and particularly about the ways in which AI can perpetuate racial inequities and systemic racism. We believe tackling these problems effectively requires both technical expertise and a depth of knowledge about racism, poverty, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination and systemic bias. Thus, the CAIS Symposium on Equity and AI is intended to be a forum for learning and collaboration among social scientists, computer and data scientists, engineers, service organizations, and community members. We believe such a multitude of perspectives is needed to begin to understand and ultimately address the ways in which AI systems create, enhance, and perpetuate biases that impact marginalized and underrepresented groups. We hope to foster a conversation not only about how to mitigate these systemic problems, but particularly how AI can be used to improve equity for marginalized groups.

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