Dr. Tambe’s 25th PhD student, Debraun Kar, defended his dissertation on April 24, 2017. These 25 PhDs have been in Artificial Intelligence and in general a subfield identified as Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, and within that, focused on computational game theory, distributed markov decision problems, distributed constraint optimization, teamwork, human behavior modeling, while touching upon themes of machine learning and planning.

Dr. Debraun Kar

The theses and students have won multiple awards and fellowships. Many of the students were declared best research assistants in the computer science department; several have won the best thesis award in the computer science department at USC; one has won the prestigious Victor Lesser Doctoral Dissertation award for the best thesis in the area of Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (an international competition that awards one thesis as the best internationally) at the flagship conference in this area; one has been a runner up for the same competition.

The theses have led to patents and to launching a startup company named Avata Intelligence.

Additionally, these theses have led to practical deployed applications by law enforcement agencies such as the Los Angeles World Airports Police (LAX police), the Federal Air Marshals Service, the US Coast Guard, and others.

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