Social Networking Site Data Mining to Understand Substance Use and HIV Risk

Dr. Ian Holloway
Audiences: All are welcome to attend

Developing and Coordinating Autonomous Agents for Efficient Electricity Markets

Andrew Perrault
Audiences: All are welcome to attend

Mining Social Media to Improve Public Health

Dr. Henry Kautz
Audiences: All are welcome to attend

Hashtag HIV?: Using Digital Epidemiology to advance HIV prevention among youth

Dr. Robin Stevens
Audiences: All are welcome to attend

HogRider: Champion Agent of Microsoft Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge

Bo An

Top-down Computing Systems for Bottom-up Social Good

Dr. Barath Raghavan

Using Optimization to Thwart Viruses

Dr. David Morton

A Systems Dynamic Approach to Understanding Heavy Drinking Events: Measures, Methods and Models

Dr. John Clapp

AI for Earth

Dr. Lucas Joppa

A POMDP Model for Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Screening

Sze-Chuan Suen

AI for Social Good: Setting the Agenda

Audiences: By invitation only

Prediction and Optimization in School Choice

Dr. Peng Shi

Directions in Hybrid Intelligence: Discovering Blind Spots of AI

Dr. Ece Kamar

Conversations with History: The New Dimensions in Testimony Project

Dr. David Traum

AI for Social Good

Dr. Eric Rice & Dr. Milind Tambe

Bandit Theory and Its Application to Security Games

Dr. Long Tran-Thanh

Spatio-Temporal Pricing for Ridesharing Platforms

Dr. Fei Fang
Audiences: All are welcome to attend

The Art and Science of Adversarial Machine Learning

Dr. Yevgeniy Vorobeychik

The Interplay of Agent and Market Design

Dr. Amy Greenwald

CompSust-2017: Doctoral Consortium on Computational Sustainability

Audiences: Students, postdocs, junior faculty

Seminar on Sustainability

Overview of Microsoft Research India

Dr. Sriram Rajamani
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