Mining Social Media to Improve Public Health

Dr. Henry Kautz
Audiences: All are welcome to attend

Hashtag HIV?: Using Digital Epidemiology to advance HIV prevention among youth

Dr. Robin Stevens
Audiences: All are welcome to attend

HogRider: Champion Agent of Microsoft Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge

Bo An

Top-down Computing Systems for Bottom-up Social Good

Dr. Barath Raghavan

Using Optimization to Thwart Viruses

Dr. David Morton

A Systems Dynamic Approach to Understanding Heavy Drinking Events: Measures, Methods and Models

Dr. John Clapp

AI for Earth

Dr. Lucas Joppa

A POMDP Model for Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Screening

Sze-Chuan Suen

AI for Social Good: Setting the Agenda

Audiences: By invitation only

Prediction and Optimization in School Choice

Dr. Peng Shi

Directions in Hybrid Intelligence: Discovering Blind Spots of AI

Dr. Ece Kamar

Conversations with History: The New Dimensions in Testimony Project

Dr. David Traum

AI for Social Good

Dr. Eric Rice & Dr. Milind Tambe

Bandit Theory and Its Application to Security Games

Dr. Long Tran-Thanh

Spatio-Temporal Pricing for Ridesharing Platforms

Dr. Fei Fang
Audiences: All are welcome to attend

The Art and Science of Adversarial Machine Learning

Dr. Yevgeniy Vorobeychik

The Interplay of Agent and Market Design

Dr. Amy Greenwald

CompSust-2017: Doctoral Consortium on Computational Sustainability

Audiences: Students, postdocs, junior faculty

Seminar on Sustainability

Overview of Microsoft Research India

Dr. Sriram Rajamani

The Case of Infrastructure Optimization

Dr. Pascal Van Hentenryck

How much to protect and where? Conservation planning in Africa’s biodiversity hotspot

Dr. Andy Plumptre (Wildlife Conservation Society)
Audiences: Everyone Is Invited
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